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The doctors at Houston Ophthalmology Associates (HOA) are totally committed to providing cutting-edge care to our patients. We continually invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment. A commitment to life long learning in combination with this top of the line technology gives us the ability to help our patients get to their visual goals.  We know our focus on technology is worth the investment and the visual results that our patients experience makes it worthwhile.

Ophthalmic surgery is now a precise and reproducible science. Advances in diagnostic and surgical technologies allow us to diagnose and treat conditions that less than twenty years ago had no cure. Due to precise and accurate therapeutic modalities, that allow us to provide unparralled clarity of vision without the help of glasses, we are able to provide our patients uncompromizing clear vision at all distances with fewer side effects or complications. Click on the links provided on the right to see how these various equipmets and technologies help us take better care of you.


The IntraLase Method is the first blade-free laser technology for performing the critical first step of the LASIK procedure: creating the flap. Unlike the microkeratome blade, which cuts across the cornea to create the flap, The IntraLase MethodT creates the flap from below the surface of the cornea.

The IntraLase FS60T Laser uses an infrared beam of light to precisely position tiny microscopic bubbles within the central layer of the cornea to define the flap’s dimensions and distinct beveled edge, as well as the location of the hinge. Thousands of these bubbles are then stacked along the edge of the flap to the corneal surface to complete the flap. The flap is then lifted to allow for treatment by the Excimer Laser. When the treatment is complete, the flap is repositioned, a process made more accurate by the distinct beveled edge. This computer-guided technology provides for the highest-precision surgical control.

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